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Day 20- February 16, 2006

More than 2.5 hours of debate preceded passage of Governor Sonny Perdue's "65% solution" in the House today. Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan led the debate in opposition to the measure. Senate Bill 390 passed the House, 102 to 70. Due to the committee amendments, it now returns to the Senate.

The state Senate met briefly this morning, voting to create a Juvenile Law Commission and to study state trauma services. The Senate scheduled an early and short day because of those who wished to attend the graveside services of Mrs. Ruby Brown, mother of Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown.

It was another busy week in the Georgia General Assembly. The Senate passes their version of the amended 2006 budget. Also the House passed a bill that adds an additional surcharge for illegal immigrants making international wire transfers. Lawmakers' David Zelski gives us a look at what happened this week.

The House today voted to protect physicians and other medical professionals who administer lethal injections in death penalty cases. House Bill 57
prevents licensing boards from using such participation as grounds to
revoke professional licenses. HB 57 passed 157 to 1. It now goes to the

A bill that would provide further incentive to schools and public libraries to put internet filters on their computers came before the House Rules Committee today. Bill sponsor Representative Mike Keown explained House Bill 1055, or the Children Internet Protection Act. HB 1055 has been put on the House calendar for Tuesday.