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Day 18- February 14, 2006

Lawmakers anchor Gerald Bryant spoke with Senator leadership this afternoon. Senator Mitch Seabaugh, Senator David Adelman, and Senator Jeff Mullis answered questions concerning legislative priorities and the progress of the Georgia General Assembly this session.

Georgia retail stores may soon be required to sell a safer cigarette, at least in terms of fire safety. Senator Don Balfour sponsors Senate Bill 487,
which prohibits the sale of cigarettes that don't meet these new
standards. These safety cigarettes have special rings on them that stop
the cigarette from burning unless they are inhaled.

The Georgia Water Coalition says they want to protect pollution buffers around Georgia streams. They say Senator Chip Rogers Senate Bill 510
will limit local municipalities power to increase stream buffer sizes.
Senator Rogers says someone has to stand up for the property owners.

Georgia Public Broadcasting is dedicating two hours of
programming tonight on methamphetamine problems, both in our state and
across the country. The national Frontline special begins at 9 o'clock this evening, and The Georgia Meth Invasion immediately follows at 10 pm. Representative Jay Neal, who appears in the documentary, took the well this morning to promote our program.

The state Senate agrees with the House; Georgia parents should have a tax credit for child care expenses. House Bill 1080 passed 50 to zero and goes to the Governor for his signature.