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Day 16- February 9, 2006

There is still an injunction in place blocking the enforcement of Georgias Voter ID law. However, the Federal Appeals Court in Atlanta today sent the case back to a lower court to reconsider a ruling that the law was unconstitutional.
That action was taken because of a new Voter ID bill approved by the
Georgia General Assembly last month. The revised bill makes free voter IDs available. The new law still has to be cleared by the Department of Justice.

The House today approved an expansion of the states Newborn Screening Program and a standard fee for the service. House Bill 1066
increases the number of genetic tests performed on newborns from 13 to
29. The service, which is now free, would cost as much as $40, payable
by individuals, insurance or Medicaid.

Senator Chip Rogers filed a bill today that he says would provide comprehensive immigration reform for the state. Senate Bill 529 replaces SB 170, which Senator Rogers had previously filed to address immigration issues.

Members of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta met at the Capitol today to speak with their legislators about certain policy areas with which they are concerned. Cas Robinson, the public policy advocate for the Presbytery, explained their legislative agenda.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed legislation today that recreates a study committee to continue looking at Juvenile Law reform. They also passed a bill that allows Power of Attorney to switch from parent to grandparent for specific situations. Senator Bill Hamrick has been working on a new juvenile code over the past year and believes recreating a study committee for another year is necessary for an issue this sensitive.