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Day 13- February 3, 2006

Coretta Scott King's body will lay in state at the Capitol tomorrow for the public to visit. The wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
passed away Monday morning. Mrs. King will be both the first African
American and the first woman to lie in state at the Georgia State
Capitol. The public may visit Mrs. King tomorrow from 12:30pm until 8:00pm.

The Senate passes the bill that would provide State funding for schools to offer elective courses in the history and literature of the bible.

The House passes the 2006 Supplemental Budget this morning. House Appropriations Chair Ben Harbin uses examples in the Department of Community Health
and the courts where the House is recommending increased funding. Asked
how the General Assembly would support those who are being cut from the
Katie Beckett Waiver program for families with disabled children, Representative Harbin says the matter would probably have to be addressed in the 2007 budget.

Following passage of the Supplemental Budget, House Speaker Glenn Richardson tells reporters about changes to the application process for getting Local Assistance Grants in the 2007 budget. Speaker Richardson also tells the press conference that the HOPE Chest amendment, which failed to pass the Senate yesterday, may be introduced in the House.

The House today agrees to increase certain court fees and to extend court clerk benefits. House Bill 476 passes 139 to 4 and moves to the Senate. A bill passes that will change the weight limit for catching triple tail finfish. House Bill 1085, without the Willard Amendment, passes without opposition and moves to the Senate.