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Day 11- February 1, 2006

Today the House passes a bill allowing local governments to post historical documents in courthouses. The documents include the Ten Commandments. The bill would require the State Attorney Generals Office to defend any lawsuit against the local municipalities.

The Democratic Caucus holds a press conference in support of re-regulating the Natural Gas industry. Representative David Lucas has introduced legislation that would allow the Georgia Public Service Commission to assume regulation of the industry.

Senator Bill Stephens thinks Georgias electronic voting machines should be equipped to create a paper trail. He's filed a bill providing for a pilot program in this year's November elections. Senator Stephens,
who is running for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State,
says his bill has a good chance of passing and being signed into law in
time to take effect this year.

The United Methodist Third Annual "Day of Love and Justice" gathered at the Capitol today in order to advocate for children healthcare. Children from the St. Timothy United Methodist Church played hand bells and sang at the event.

The House today agreed to allow police previously barred from a Peace Officers' Retirement Fund to buy into the system. The measure applies specifically to black officers
who were not permitted to put money into the annuity until the 1970's.
It passed the House two years ago, but stalled in the Senate.

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