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Day 10- January 31, 2006

Legislators mourn the death of Coretta Scott King, widow of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.
The State Senate today passed part of Governor Sonny Perdues education legislation. Senate Bill 390
would require local school systems to eventually spend 65% of state
funds on direct classroom expenditures. Several amendments sponsored by
Democrats were defeated. Democrats opposed to the legislation said it
was negligent in not including media specialists as part of the 65%
classroom spending formula.

The Senate Science and Technology Committee passes a bill that would make internet fishing
a felony. Internet fishing is the practice of sending misleading emails
to extract someones personal information, such as bank account and
social security numbers.

The House passes legislation today, the sponsors of which say will protect public employees rights to wish others a Merry Christmas. The controversial plan to redistrict Athens-Clarke County also passed in the House.

Senator Emanuel Jones has introduced four eminent domain
related bills in which he aims to give landowners more rights to their
property. Democrats and Republicans have been working with Mark Meeks, a Stockbridge store owner whose florist shop is being threatened in favor of a more profitable development.

State Democratic leadership held a press conference today to announce new legislation called Georgias Promise.
The bill would automatically grant students who graduate in the top 10%
of their class admission into any of Georgias state universities.