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Day 9- January 26, 2006

Governor Sonny Perdue signed the new Voter ID bill
into law today. Republican members of the House and Senate who
supported the bill joined the Governor who said the bill is what the
people of Georgia wanted.

This morning Secretary of State and Gubenatorial Candidate Cathy Cox
kicked off a statewide tour. The rally was on the capitol steps and Cox
was joined by Democratic members of both House and Senate.

Two or more new municipalities may soon be created in Fulton County.
What originated as a study committee to split Fulton into two separate
counties has concluded that several new cities within Fulton County
would best serve its citizens.

Auto Workers, the Labor and Economic Development Commissioners, and city officials were among those who today told the Senate Economic Development Committee about the impact of the GM and Ford Plant closings. The hearing focused on how the State could help displaced workers, plans to redevelop the plants, and long-term job growth.

The Matties Call bill received a Do-Pass from the House Human Relations and Aging Committee
today. The bill will allow law enforcement to begin an immediate search
for elderly citizens with dementia and Alzheimers that are reported

Today the House Rules Committee gave a Do-Pass to the House bill that would legalize posting the Ten Commandments in Government buildings. The bill would also require the State Attorney Generals Office to defend against any lawsuits those local governments might face.