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Day 8- January 25, 2006

The 2006 State of the Judiciary address was given today by the Honorable Leah Ward Sears,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia. She spoke on the need
for judicial independence, indigent defense, and the resounding success
of drug courts.

The Senate Higher Education Committee passed the Governors Hope Chest
resolution unanimously today. The resolution would require a 2/3
majority in both houses and would pose the constitutional question in
this Fall's general election of whether or not to limit lottery funds
to Hope Scholarship and Pre-K programs.

The Senate Transportation Committee hears testimony from Georgia Department of Transportation Deputy Commissioner Larry Dent on the proposed public/private initiative to expand I-75/I-575 highways.

Governor Sonny Perdue signed HB 970 today which cuts consumer propane and natural gas taxes in half from 4 to 2%. The cuts will be effective on January 1 and run through April 30 for natural gas and through March 30 for propane.

During the Democrats weekly press conference this afternoon, they
announced four new bills aimed at reforming the current laws regarding eminent domain.
They say Republican bills over the past two years have attempted to
allow government to seize people's land and turn it over to private