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Day 7- January 24, 2006

Lawmakers Gerald Bryant spoke today with Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson and Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Tim Golden about today's debate over the Voter ID bill, eminent domain and their respective legislative priorities.

An amended version of the Voter ID bill passed the Senate
today. The Senate planned on passing the House version with no changes
but realized an important change had to be made to fulfill the intent
of the bill.

The Georgia Council on Substance Abuse hosted an event today
at the Capitol Education Center to help spread awareness of Georgia's
methamphetamine problem. They discussed what measures have been taken
and what more needs to be done to continue fighting.

The Georgia Court of Appeals celebrates its 100th year of
service this year. The court kicked off what will be a year of
celebration with a ceremony in the state capitol today. Governor Sonny Perdue and Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor were both on hand to honor the court.

House Bill 18 received the green light from the House Motor
Vehicles Committee today. The bill would require the use of seatbelts
in pick-up trucks. Representative Calvin Hill was the sponsor of the bill.

House Bill 1052 also passed in the house today. Introduced by Representative Jack Murphy,
the bill is expected to clarify previous legislation that made it
difficult for wholesalers of motor vehicles to obtain dealer tags. The
new bill will make a distinction between retailers and wholesalers.

The Alternative Medical Association treated lawmakers to a day at the spa. The AMA hope to promote House Bill 680, a measure that would allow unlicensed therapists to give medical advice.