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Day 6- January 23, 2006

Senator Sam Zamarripa held a press conference this morning urging Governor Perdue to authorize the use of mobile units to help issue voter IDs
for senior citizens and people with disabilities. While he does not
support it, Senator Zamarripa expects Senate Bill 84 to pass the Senate

Pro-Life groups rally at the capitol today in support of
legislation that would require every abortion clinic to perform
ultrasound images and offer those pictures to the woman seeking an
abortion. Former U.S. Senator Zell Miller and Governor Sonny Perdue are featured speakers at the rally. Lawmakers' Jesse Freeman has the story.

The Governor's Education Finance Task reports to a Joint House and Senate Education Committee meeting on its progress towards formulating a new funding plan for public education.

Governor Perdue reacts to today's news that the Ford Motor Company is closing its plant in Hapeville, Georgia.

The Senate passes legislation that will reduce taxes on natural gas use.

Democratic leadership held a press conference today in which they expressed their disgust at proposed redistricting legislation that would split a senate district in Clarke County that Democratic Representative Jane Kidd intended to run in.