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Budget Day 1- January 17, 2006

The Joint Appropriations Committee met all day today to discuss how the state budget will be spent. We have highlights from Commissioner of the Department of Community Health D. Rhonda Meadows, Department of Human Resources Commissioner B.J. Walker and State Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham.

Governor Sonny Perdue detailed his spending priorities. He is proposing an $18.6 billion
plan for the 2007 fiscal year. More than 55% would be spent on
Education, 20% on Health Care and just over 8% on safety priorities.

State Economist Kenneth Heaghney told lawmakers the economic
outlook for Georgia was healthy. He predicts sustained growth with a
low possibility of a downturn in the coming year.

Superintendent Kathy Cox addresses the Joint Appropriations
Committee and lays out her 2007 amended budget requests. Some Democrats
on the committee question her about what they believe is low
performance on the SAT by Georgia students. Lawmakers' Jesse Freeman has this story and additional highlights.

Lawmakers' David Zelski reports on what happened last week in the Georgia General Assembly

All that and more tonight on Lawmakers.