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Day 2- January 10, 2006

The annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast was held this morning. Today's speakers, Governor Perdue, Lt. Governor Mark Taylor, House Speaker Glenn Richardson, and Senate President Pro-Tem Eric Johnson, agreed that improving Education is where over two-thirds of Georgia's $17.25 billion budget should be spent.

Representative DuBose Porter responded to the plans outlined by Governor Perdue this morning. Lawmakers Nwandi Lawson spoke to the House Minority Leader about the impact of proposed education changes.

Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson also spoke on the issue of Voter I.D.s.
The House Governmental Affairs Committee gave a Do Pass to legislation
yesterday that requires certain types of photo I.D. in order to vote.
There has been much opposition concerning voter rights since Senate Bill 84 surfaced last year.

Gerald Bryant talks with Tom Crawford, National Editor of, about expectations for this year's session.

Blood, gore and sexually explicit material in video games has
offended some senators and they have filed legislation that would make
it illegal to sell games containing this material to minors. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has the story on Senate Bill 105.

Today was Sportsman's Day at the Capitol. Outdoor enthusiasts brought some interesting visitors to the Rotunda. Lawmakers J.R. Charles reports.

All that and more tonight on Lawmakers.