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Day 1- January 9, 2006

The Second Session of the 148th Georgia General Assembly was
gaveled in this morning at the State Capitol in Atlanta. Legislators
wasted no time outlining their agendas for this election year.
Lawmakers Gerald Bryant and Nwandi Lawson have the highlights of leadership priorities.

Governor Sonny Perdue is backing legislation that would limit
the use of lottery proceeds to the HOPE Scholarship and Pre-K programs
only. He calls the legislation the "65 Percent Solution". The state's
largest teachers' organization expressed its concerns.

Immigration promises to be a big issue this legislative year. Senator Chip Rogers
has filed a bill that would restrict access to social services to
documented citizens. Certain Democrats take issue with a portion of the
bill dealing with the Board of Regents. Lawmakers' Jesse Freeman has the story.

A carry-over issue from last session, the Voter ID bill,
passes a House Committee. A similar piece of legislation was passed by
the General Assembly last year, but a U.S. district court judge said
the bill was a violation of State and Federal Constitutions.

Lawmakers' David Zelski has the story.

Governor Perdue gives a preview of his budget plan by
announcing $234 million to repair and maintain local roads. The first
half of that money is promised in his '06 supplemental budget. Local
officials react positively to the announcement.

Legislation intended to toughen sentences for convicted child molesters and a bill, known as Amy's Law, that would allow courts to try juveniles as adults for specific crimes are two issues expected to surface this session.

All that and more tonight on Lawmakers.