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March 21, 2005

The Senate Ethics Committee will meet today to discuss House Bill 48, the Governor's Ethics Reform Package. Republicans say it is an issue that Democrats have failed to handle in the previous 130 years. Lawmakers David Zelski has the latest on key issues that remain.

The Senate passed New Congressional District Maps today with a final vote of 32 to 21. Senator Chip Rogers,
Chairman of the Reapportionment Committee, said abiding by the one
man/one vote and maintaining communities of interest were two guiding
principles in creating the new maps.

House Bill 36 passed the Senate today, legislation that is needed before Sandy Springs
can become a city. The Senate has already approved House Bill 37, which
would provide for a referendum among voters in the Sandy Springs area
to decide if they would like to incorporate as a city.

The Voter I.D. Bills that have caused much controversy earlier this session were both heard in committee today. Senate Bill 84 passed out of the house Governmental Affairs Committee and House Bill 244 is scheduled to be discussed by the Senate State and Local Government committee. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has more on the legislation that would tighten identification requirements for voters when they go to the polls.

Governor Sonny Perdue launched the "Live Healthy Georgia Campaign" today. The public-private partnership encourages Georgians to make healthy lifestyle decisions. Lawmakers Chriss Knight reports on this initiative that aims to raise awareness about chronic disease prevention in Georgia.

The House approved a measure that would provide scholarship money for Reservists and members of the National Guard and their dependents today. Representative Earl Ehrhart discusses the benefits of Senate Bill 43.

House Bill 273 passed the senate today by a vote of 34 to 15. The legislation could lead to the creation of Flex Auto Lanes. Senator Bill Heath explains what a flex lane would be, and Senator Steve Thompson explains why he feels flex lanes are a bad idea.

And, Georgia is one step closer to having an official State amphibian. Senate Bill 41, which would designate the green tree frog in that role, passed the House today. The bill now hops on over to Governor Perdue for his signature.