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March 12, 2005

It's Family Day at the State Capitol today. House and Senate leadership scheduled Legislative Day 31
of the 2005 session on a Saturday in the hopes that families and other
Georgians who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to see the
General Assembly in session a chance to watch representative government in action. Georgia Public Broadcasting will be broadcasting the session live from 10am until noon.

Several pieces of special legislation have been designated on the
calendar for today's session. Three bills that the House is expected to
debate repeal what some say are the last of the Jim Crow era laws
that remain in Georgia's code. Representative Tyrone Brooks is expected
to present House Bills 25, 26 and 27 to his colleagues today. Lawmakers
Chriss Knight has more about Jim Crow era laws in Georgia.

Gerald Bryant and Nwandi Lawson will be joined by special guest Dr. Clarissa Myrick-Harris of Clark-Atlanta University to discuss the history of segregation in the South and the impact of Jim Crow laws.

And if you're a bit confused by the procedures of the House and Senate as you watch the legislature, Lawmakers David Zelski will help shed some light on the history and current practices of the General Assembly.