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March 10, 2005

The House today unexpectedly took up a controversial child support measure. House Bill 221
revises the Georgia Child Support Code for the first time in twenty
years. The legislation would require child support payments to be based
on the incomes of both parents, rather than the non-custodial parent. We'll have the highlights of that debate.

Several bills regarding the condemnation of private property for government use have made news at the Capitol this year. Today, Senate Bill 86, which limits the use of the power of eminient domain, passed the Senate.

New Congressional maps were passed out of the House today. House Bill 499 passed by a vote of 104 to 72.

As the effects of mass identity theft from Alpharetta's
Choicepoint spread nationally, Georgia state lawmakers took steps to
inform Georgia consumers about such incidents. The Senate passed Senate Bill 230 today. The bill would require companies to notify all victims of potential identity theft. Lawmakers Chriss Knight reports.

Approximately a third of the 12,000 Georgians who serve in the National Guard
are currently on active duty in the middle east. The Senate today
approved a measure designed to help the families of Georgia's national
guardsmen and women. Senate Bill 43 would contribute $2,000 per year
for college tuition for children of those who serve more than 180 days
of active duty. It would also allow those who return from service the
same educational opportunity. Lawmakers David Zelski has the details.

The incorporation of Sandy Springs has been hotly debated this session, and today the bills that would make the area a city came before the House. House Bill 36 is considered enabling legislation. It changes Georgia's code to allow cities to be within 3 miles of each other. House Bill 37 would officially call for a referendum to establish the City of Sandy Springs. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has that story.

Governor Sonny Perdue did his part today to raise awareness about the importance of controlling the animal population. He neutered a 9-month-old Labrador/ Rottweiler mix puppy at the Atlanta Humane Society this afternoon. Nelson, as the puppy is known, was in good hands. The Governor is a licensed veterinarian and earned his DVM at the University of Georgia. Lawmakers Sean Yancy has that story.