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February 10, 2005

A plan to cap damages in medical malpractice cases passed the House with two amendments today, but the Senate failed to agree to those changes to Senate Bill 3. Lawmakers David Zelski explains the impact of today's Tort Reform votes and Jesse Freeman talks to legislators, opponents and proponents to get their reactions.

Governor Sonny Perdue's Faith and Family Services amendment
failed to pass in the Senate today. The legislation would allow
religious groups to receive state funding to provide social services.
Lawmakers Chriss Knight has more about the debate over Senate Resolution 49.

Legislation that would create a $4.25 per hour "training wage" for workers under the age of 20 passed the Senate today. We'll have the highlights of that debate.

The Southern Center for Human Rights held their annual "Poor People's Day" rally at the Capitol today. They protested against House Bill 59,
which would prohibit municipalities from setting their own minimum
wage. The measure is aimed at cities like Atlanta which set a higher
minimum wage within city limits.

The Georgia Women's Intersport Network recognized female
athletes from across the State today. The 14th annual ceremony
acknowledging girls and women for excelling in sports on and off the
field took place at the Capitol. Lawmakers Angela Von Drasek has more.

Home school educators and students from all across Georgia gathered at the capitol today to share their thoughts on home schooling. Lawmakers Marcus Howard has that story.

Georgia Military College celebrated the State's 272nd birthday at the Capitol today. The Governor presented a proclamation declaring February 10 Georgia Day. Lawmakers Michael Rittle has more on those events.

The design for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's new home was unveiled at a ceremony last night. Georgia Public Broadcasting's Hamilton Northcutt was there and has that story.