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January 26, 2005

Governor Sonny Perdue speaks out about his
initiative to allow faith-based organizations to compete for state
dollars to provide social services. The Faith and Family Services Amendment has not yet been introduced, Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has more.

It was the sixth day of the Georgia General Assembly and lots of new
legislation continues to be introduced. Today, a bill that would
require unmarried birth mothers to give the name of their child's father was introduced in the House, as well as legislation to repeal the last of Georgia's "Jim Crow" laws. We'll have the highlights.

Nwandi Lawson talks with Education Finance Task Force Chair Dean Alford
about the upcoming statewide forum on Educational Excellence. Find out
how the investing in educational excellence program got started, what
participants can expect from Thursday's program and what will be done
with the information after the broadcast

Tort Reform from the patient's perspective. As the Senate
Judiciary Committee takes a one-day break from public hearings about
the tort issue, Lawmakers David Zelski talks to patients on both sides
of the medical malpractice issue.

Governor Perdue's proposed land conservation legislation
makes fast progress. Just introduced yesterday, the bill has already
passed the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee. Lawmakers
Chriss Knight has the details.

Gerald Bryant gets all the latest Capitol buzz from Tom Crawford, National Editor of Capitol Political ambitions, tort reform and the legislative session will all be included.

It was Complementary and Alternative Medicine Day at the Capitol today. Lawmakers Angela Von Drasek has that story.