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January 25, 2005

The governors Georgia land conservation act was announced today.
Governor Perdue stressed that this initiative will stretch across the
state more than any other pervious conservation. This initiative will
protect Georgia's natural resources by encouraging conservation across
the state. Lawmakers chriss knight has more.

For the second day, tort reform was discussed in the Senate
Judiciary committee. Much like the meeting yesterday, no vote was
taken, but testimony came from as far away as the lone star State. Representative Joe Nixon spoke about tort reform that has already been implemented in Texas. Lawmakers David Zelski has the highlights.

There was talk of Congressional and legislative redistricting
under the gold dome today as Republicans introduced a reapportionment
bill in the Senate. Find out what that legislation is designed to do.

The Georgia Quality Basic Education (QBE) act provides
formulas for public school funding. Governor Perdue recently
established a task force that could change the current formula. The
Governor's task force will hold statewide forums asking citizens what
change they would like to see made. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has more.

Nwandi Lawson spoke with House Majority Whip Representative Barry Fleming
about budget priorities after House Appropriations Subcommittee
testimony today. State agency heads spoke about changes that are forth
coming. Representative Fleming stated that teacher pay raises were a
top priority.

Gerald Bryant talks with Senate Majority and Minority Whips Senator Mitch Seabaugh and Senator David Adelman about agendas for the session. Major topics of debate have been healthcare, education and ethics.

House Minority Whip Representative Carolyn Hugley spoke with
Nwandi Lawson about being part of the Minority party, and how the
change will not keep Democrats from doing their work, but will change
the way work gets done.