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January 18, 2005

An exclusive in-depth interview with Lt. Governor Mark Taylor. Nwandi Lawson and Gerald Bryant discuss what lies ahead in the 2005 legislative session.

We'll have highlights from today's opening testimony at the 2005-2006 Budget Briefings. State School Superintendent Kathy Cox addressed the State's education needs, Commissioner Tim Burgess of the Department of Community Health spoke to legislators about the cost of providing Georgians with adequate health care and Commissioner B.J. Walker of the Department of Human Resources told the joint Appropriations committee about the needs of her department.

State School Superintendent Kathy Cox speaks out about the Cobb County Schools evolution sticker controversy at the Cobb Education Consortium today. Governor Sonny Perdue
outlined his educational priorities for Cobb educators at that same
meeting. The Governor took the opportunity to announce that he will
host a statewide community conversation about defining educational excellence on Georgia Public Broadcasting on Thursday, January 27.

Commissioner Tim Burgess of the Department of Community
Health apoke to the joint appropriations committee about his budget
recommendations and suggested cuts to Georgia's Medicaid, Peachcare,
and State Health Benefit programs. Lawmakers David Zelski has highlights.

The joint appropriations hearings began with talk of the State's
economy and the generation of revenue. Topping Governor Sonny Perdue's
list of ways to increase revenue is to bring more jobs to Georgia.
Lawmakers Chriss Knight has more about what the future holds for Georgia businesses.

Georgia's Transportation needs will be discussed at thr joint appropriations briefings tomorrow. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman gets a preview of Governor Perdue's Fast Forward transportation plan from Department of Transportation Commissioner Harold Linnenkohl.

Plus we'll have a look back at Governor Sonny Perdue's State of the State address last week.