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March 12, 2004

Today the House Appropriations Committee approved its version of the FY '05 Budget.
The full House is expected to vote on the measure when the legislature
convenes on Monday. We'll have highlights from the committee meeting
and details on the spending plan.

The House Education committee gave a do-pass recommendation this
morning to HB 1190. The bill is part of Governor Sonny Perdue's education reform package. Lawmakers' David Zelski has more.

Both the Georgia House and Senate have a plan to help preserve Georgia's HOPE Scholarship,
and each thinks its plan is the best. Senate Majority Leader Bill
Stephens says he thinks differences between the House and Senate plans
can be worked out in a conference committee.

One of the recommendations of a HOPE Scholarship study committee was to cut HOPE payments for students' books and fees. Just how much do Georgia's college students pay for books and fees each year? Lawmakers' Jesse Freeman takes a closer look.

Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee approved SB 467, the law that would make child endangerment
a felony in Georgia. Governor Perdue says, "Clearing this hurdle has
moved us one step closer to our goal of protecting our children"?

Today at the Atlanta Auto Show, Governor Sonny Perdue announced that
Porsche will be importing close to 600 Carrera GTs into the U.S.
through ports in Brunswick and Savannah over the next three years.
Lawmakers' Chrissy Thrasher has more.

With only 9 days left in the session, the General Assembly still has a number of big issues on the table. Gerald Bryant talks with Tom Crawford of Capitol about the budget, the HOPE scholarship, and gay marriage.

Governor, start your engine! Yesterday was the first official Atlanta Motor Speedway Day
at the capitol. Governor Perdue and members of the Georgia General
Assembly were on hand for the festivities. Lawmakers' David Zelski

Today was National Guard Day at the Capitol. Lawmakers' Kristy Moran has more on today's events.