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March 2, 2004

Senate approves FY '04 Supplemental Budget.
Today the Georgia Senate approved the mid-year budget, but only after
lengthy debate. We'll have complete coverage of today's Senate debate
on the Supplemental Budget.

Today the Georgia Black Legislative Caucus announced their legislative agenda. Nwandi Lawson has the details on their legislative goals.

Today Rep. Roger Hines presented HB 1593 to the House Education
Committee. The bill would create a statewide uniform grading system for
Georgia's public schools. Lawmakers' David Zelski has more on this proposed legislation.

The Senate Education Committee today was scheduled to discuss SB 392, the Truancy Enforcement Act.
The bill is designed as a back-up to part of Governor Perdue's
education legislation which has already passed the Senate, but has not
yet passed the House. Lawmakers Chrissy Thrasher has more on the Committee's action.

The Georgia House today approved HB 1179, which would increase
penalties for crimes against public school employees. The bill was
introduced in reaction to an attack on a teacher at Heritage High
School by her estranged husband. The six students in the teacher's
class that restrained the attacker until authorities arrived were
honored by the Senate earlier this year.

Today the House approved HB 1287, a bill to expand a ban on flashing emergency lights on private cars.
The bill would make it a misdemeanor to falsely use any type of
flashing emergency-type light, although the lights would still be
allowed on vehicles with a quasi-public purpose, such as trucks used by
volunteer firefighters or mall security officers.

The House also approved HB 1555 today, but not without an
amendment. The bill deals with employer contributions to the
unemployment insurance fund. House members agreed to an amendment
proposed by Rep. Nan Orrock that would allow part-time workers
to collect unemployment while seeking part-time work if they have paid
into the unemployment trust.

The State Senate today passed SB 555, which updates
regulations governing non-profit corporations in the State of Georgia.
The bill would allow for the electronic transfer of information that
was in the past limited to printed documents.

Governor Sonny Perdue today paid a visit to students at Jackson Elementary as part of Read Across America week. Lawmakers' Angelena Washington has more.