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February 20, 2004

Senate approves Redistricting Plan. The Georgia Senate approved new Senate district maps
today in a 32-to-23 vote on the plan to redraw the State's political
boundaries in response to a court order. The chamber voted on the plan
only after significant debate. We'll have details on the new map and
highlights from today's Senate debate.

Rep. Calvin Smyre took the well in the Georgia House today to respond to yesterday's charges from Sen. Bill Stephens that Smyre, the Chairman of the powerful House Rules committee, is holding up important legislation.

Transportation Plans. Atlanta has three of the nation's top twenty worst traffic bottlenecks and two in the top ten. Lawmakers' David Zelski talks with the Executive Director of the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, Steve Stancil, about current and future transportation projects for GRTA.

HB 1374 aims to provide tax credits for teleworkers, or people who work from home. Lawmakers Kristy Moran talks with the bill's sponsor, Rep. Kathy Ashe, and the potential benefits of HB 1374.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond talks about Georgia's
unemployment rate and job creation. We'll have more about the immediate
economic future of the State.

The Georgia Department of Community Health wants to enact a premium on the Katie Beckett Waiver Program.
The Katie Beckett Waiver covers medical expenses for families with
disabled children whose income is over the eligibility limit for
Medicaid. Lawmakers' Chrissy Thrasher reports on the proposed change and talks with a family who is part of the waiver program.

Today Sen. Sam Zamarripa announced plans to introduce the Homestead Assessment Fairness Act. Lawmakers' Samantha Cheshire has more on that story.

The Georgia Cancer Coalition today unveiled two initiatives
in the war against cancer. One is a grant program for Georgia
researchers, the other is a recruiting initiative to bring cancer
research experts to the state. Lawmakers' Jesse Freeman has that story.

Gerald Bryant talks with Tom Crawford of Capitol about reapportionment and unusual role reversals in recent House and Senate debates.

Today was Africa Day under the Gold Dome. Lawmakers' Angelena Washington has more.