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February 13, 2004

The House Budget committee says they've found a way to move funds around to prevent education cuts from the fiscal year 2005 budget. They say the move will save teachers' jobs and keep local communities from having to raise property taxes.

Attorney General Thurbert Baker filed a notice of appeal and
a motion to stay the enforcement of a federal court order to redraw
House and Senate district maps by March 1. On Tuesday, a three-judge
federal panel threw out Georgia's State House and Senate maps, saying
they were in violation of the one person-one vote principle and
therefore unconstitutional.

Today the Georgia Senate unanimously approved SB 467, Governor Sonny Perdue's child endangerment legislation.
The bill would make child endangerment a felony, as well as make it a
felony to manufacture methamphetamines in the presence of a child.
We'll have complete coverage of the vote.

Senator Mike Crotts expressed support today for United States
Senator Zell Miller's stand on an amendment to the United States
Constitution that would prohibit federal courts from curbing state
court rulings that allow an acknowledgement of God. Crotts is the
sponsor of Senate Resolution 595, the proposed amendment to
Georgia's constitution that would effectively ban gay marriages in
Georgia, and he believes Miller's legislation supports his efforts.
Lawmakers Chrissy Thrasher reports.

Senator Sam Zamarripa announced legislation to support statewide streetcar initiatives
at a press conference this morning. Federal legislation passed the U.S.
Senate yesterday that would distribute national streetcar funds.
Lawmakers David Zelski was there and has details on the proposed initiatives.

Today Governor Perdue and other traffic safety advocates celebrated Child Passenger Safety Month at the capitol. Jesse Freeman has more on today's Child Safety events.

Legislators joined local and state activist organizations to stop violence against women. Lawmakers Samantha Cheshire has highlights from this event at the Capitol today.

House Bill 190, legislation which seeks to change the statute of limitations in regard to when child molestation can be prosecuted was discussed in the House Special Judiciary Committee this morning. Lawmakers Kristy Moran has more about that proposal.

Yesterday protestors marched to the capitol for the 24th Annual Poor People's Day,
but unlike the 23 previous years, this year's protest met resistance
when they marched down a street where they were not permitted. Today Senator Vincent Fort
told his colleagues in the Georgia Senate he intends to look into what
happened yesterday when Capitol police confronted the protestors. David
Zelski reports.