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February 12, 2004

The House takes the first steps toward meeting a Federal court order that district maps be redrawn by March 1. We'll have comments from House Majority Leader Jimmy Skipper and highlights from the House Reapportionment Committee meeting.

Governor Sonny Perdue gets tough and asks Attorney General Thurbert Baker and Secretary of State Cathy Cox to drop what he terms their "silly appeals" of the Federal court decision regarding reapportionment.

Senate Resolution 595, the legislation which would effectively outlaw gay marriage in Georgia was given a do-pass recommendation by the Senate Rules Committee yesterday. Lawmakers David Zelski reports on this latest development in the controversial debate over the definition of marriage.

The Senate passes Senate Bill 240 after more than an hour of heated debate. The legislation deals with who may give consent for a minor to undergo an abortion. We'll have the highlights of that debate as well as debate over Senate Bill 298, legislation which lengthens the waiting period for some divorces.
Proponents say longer waiting periods mean fewer divorces. Opponents
dispute those statistics and said it was just more interference in
people's lives. Senate Bill 418 was also passed by the Senate today. That legislation creates punishment for and defines the crime of female genital mutilation.

Controversial legislation that cracks down on the payday lending was passed by the House today. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has the highlights of the debate over Senate Bill 157.

House Bill 1310, the Georgia Academic Placement and
Promotion, seeks to delay the Criterion Referenced Curriculum Test for
Georgia's third graders. The measure was given a do-pass recommendation
by a House Education subcommittee today. Lawmakers Chrissy Thrasher has more.

University of Georgia President Michael Adams addressed a
joint House-Senate Higher Education Committee today. He stressed the
importance of funding for Georgia's largest research university.

Georgia's midwives and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses rallied at the Capitol on Wednesday for the right to write prescriptions. Lawmakers Samantha Cheshire has more about Senate Bill 376.

Today was Georgia Day at the Capitol. Lawmakers Chris Ober has more on this celebration of Georgia's heritage.

Governor Sonny Perdue today unveiled the "New Georgia Encyclopedia" at the Capitol. Lawmakers Angelena Washington has more about this new Internet resource.