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February 9, 2004

SPLOST for Sewers. The Georgia
Senate today approved HB 709, the bill that would pave the way for
Atlantans to create a 1% sales tax in the city to raise funds to fix
the city's aging sewer system. We'll have details from that debate.

Following the Senate's passage of HB 709 Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin
said she was optimistic the House would approve the Senate's changes to
the bill creating SPLOST referendum to fix Atlanta's sewers. Lamakers Chrissy Thrasher reports on the mayor's reaction to today's Senate vote.

The Senate Judiciary Committee discussed Governor Sonny Perdue's Child Endangerment Legislation. Lawmakers David Zelski reports on the status of SB 467.

Women's Health Care in Georgia could be in jeopardy according
to the Medical Association of Georgia. Today the association said it
supported tort reform legislation that would place a cap on
non-economic damages awarded by juries. Chrissy Thrasher has more on the association's visit.

The fate of the HOPE Scholarship continues to garner
attention under the gold dome and not just from legislators. We'll have
highlights from today's discussions about HOPE.

Interview with Rep. Nan Orrock Nwandi Lawson talks with House Majority Whip Rep. Nan Orrock about the budget, curriculum proposals, and job creation in Georgia.

Interview with Sen. Mitch Seabaugh. Gerald Bryant talks with the
Senate Majority Whip about HB 709, the bill to create a SPLOST
tax to help fix Atlanta's sewer woes, as well as the HOPE Scholarship
and gay marriage.

Just last week the Senate passed a bill that would allow the citizens of Sandy Springs
to vote to incorporate as a city. The Georgia House also has a bill
that would allow citizens of Sandy Springs to vote on incorporation,
but it differs somewhat from the Senate's version. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman reports on the details of House Bill 315.