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February 6, 2004

Governor Sonny Perdue accuses Representative Tom Bordeaux of playing "petty partisan politics" with child endangerment legislation
supported by the Governor. Perdue says it amounts to nothing less than
playing politics with the lives of Georgia's children. Bordeaux would
only say he did not know why the governor was doing this since the bill
has now been introduced in the Senate.

Senator Ed Harbison has introduced legislation that would put a family income cap on recipients of the HOPE Scholarship.
Harbison said the cap would have a sliding scale depending on lottery
revenues. Governor Perdue says he is opposed to income caps, but it is
an idea worth discussing.

Controversy erupted today in the Georgia House when the minister of the day denounced gay marriage in his remarks. Representative Karla Drenner,
the only openly gay member of the legislature, and other Democrats are
speaking against the incident. The Georgia Senate is considering a
constitutional amendment, SR 595, to ban gay marriage in Georgia.

Governor Perdue and other legislators were sporting the color red today for Go Red for Women Day in support of the fight against heart disease among women. Chrissy Thrasher reports on the American Heart Association's efforts to get the word out about this deadly disease.

Not everyone is happy about Georgia Highway 316 becoming a toll road. A recent poll shows residents who use 316 think the proposed tolls are too high. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman reports.

High Flying Action. The Legislative Sports Caucus played their annual All-Star Basketball Game last night at Georgia State University. We have the highlights of the action- and fun- from last night's game.

Electronic Votingcame to Georgia in 2002, but some Georgians feel punch card ballots are safer and more accurate. Angelena Washington reports on the Voters Independence Project and why they feel electronic voting is not the best way to cast a ballot.

Capitol Interns are a great asset to the legislature during the session each year. Lawmakers Scicolone Francis gives us an inside look at the duties of a capitol interns.