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February 3, 2004

The Senate debated the Governor Sonny
Perdue's education legislation all day. Democrats, who disagreed with
portions of the Governor's proposed disciplinary measures, wanted to
make sure that working students would still be able to drive to their
jobs. More than ten amendments were proposed to Senate Bill 428.

Representative Bob Holmes today talked about his legislative efforts to regulate class sizes and halt plans to retain third graders
who do not meet standards on the State's Criterion Referenced
Competency Test, holding back those third graders is currently mandated
by House Bill 656. According to Representative Holmes tens of
thousands of students have not received adequate support services to
attain grade level standing.

The House today agreed to allow additional insurance benefits to members of local boards of education. House Bill 328 passed with a provision that boards must announce the benefits at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Senate Higher Education Committee Chairman Bill Hamrick dropped legislation today that removes the capital outlay program from lottery funding. Hamrick also introduced Senate Bill 471 yesterday, which is designed to help preserve the HOPE scholarship
program. That legislation embodies the recommendations of the
bipartisan HOPE Study Commission that Hamrick co-Chaired last year.
Lawmakers David Zelski has more about these latest HOPE developments.

Governor Sonny Perdue addressed the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia
today about their legislative priorities, including transportation
funding, water resource management and special local option sales tax
fund divisions. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman reports.

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Community Health
heard testimony from private health care providers and other social
service agencies today about the impact of proposed Medicaid cuts on
the uninsured in Georgia.

The Voters Independence Project is concerned that the technology of electronic voting can be tampered with, but Secretary of State Cathy Cox's spokesperson, Chris Riggall says that voter confidence in the system remains high. Lawmakers Angelena Washington has more on that story.

Today was the 32nd Annual Firefighters Recognition Day at the Capitol. Governor Sonny Perdue announced that Georgia will soon have its own heavy search and rescue capabilities to respond to collapsed structures. Lawmakers Samantha Cheshire has the details.