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February 2, 2004

The Senate Judiciary Committee today passed a bill that would require a minor seeking an abortion to have written consent from a parent or legal guardian before the procedure can be performed. Proponents say Senate Bill 240 is aimed at closing the in loco parentis loophole in current law. Lawmakers David Zelski was there and has more.

Georgians for Safer Roads rallied at the Capitol today in support of legislation that would qualify undocumented workers for Georgia drivers' licenses. Representative Barbara Mobley plans to introduce legislation designed to do just that. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman explains.

Senator David Adelman is introducing bills which aim to make Georgia's highways safer. One proposal would reduce the speed limit for tractor-trailer trucks
to 55 miles per hour on all Georgia highways. The other measure, House
Resolution 1125, would create a joint study committee on truck and
highway safety. Lawmakers Chrissy Thrasher reports.

Senate passes the American Heritage in Education Act which
encourages Georgia schools to display historical documents- including
the U.S. Constitution and the national motto "In God We Trust". Senate Bill 394 passed by a vote of 47 to 5 and goes to the House.

Another proposed amendment to the State Constitution was approved today by the Senate. Senate Resolution 580 would allow communities to pass Special Local Option Sales Taxes, or SPLOSTs for educational purposes. The bill's sponsor Senator Casey Cagle said the intention is to provide property tax relief by using sales tax to roll back property tax.

Interim State Democratic Party Chair Bobby Kahn held a press conference today to bring attention to what he says are big ethical questions hanging over Senate Majority Leader Bill Stephens,
a Republican. Kahn said the State Ethics Commission had ordered
Stephens to file amendments to his campaign disclosure documents. He
also accused the Canton Republican of potential conflicts of interest
in his work with a public relations firm.

Asked to comment on Bobby Kahn's ethics charges, Senator Bill Stephens
said the charges were false and that he had been cleared of the only
substantive charge by the State Ethics Commission. Referring to the
interim Democratic Party Chairman as a political hack, the Senate
Majority Leader characterized Kahn's statement as a partisan political attack.
Stephens also said his work agreement with the PR firm Hayslett Sorrel
specifically excludes him from working with any companies that have
State contracts.

The House moves to alleviate the State's teacher shortage by
extending the deadline for retired teachers to return to the classroom
without penalty to their retirement or pension benefits. House Bill 366 passed by a vote of 168 to 0. In other education news, the House agreed to allow more local control of School Councils. House Bill 1208 would allow local Councils to determine their membership and meeting schedule. That measure passed by a vote of 169 to 0.

Safe America is an organization that promotes responsible teen driving.
After another teenage driver fatality this weekend, many would agree
with safe America that part of the solution is mandating drivers'
education as a prerequisite for licensing. Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor, Representative Roger Bruce and Senator Chuck Clay were on hand to talk about keeping Georgia's teen drivers safe.