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January 30, 2004

Georgia Equality held a rally this morning at the Capitol to urge legislators to vote against Senate Resolution 595.
That resolution would amend Georgia's Constitution to define marriage
as a monogamous union between a woman and a man, effectively outlawing
gay marriage. Lawmakers David Zelski has more.

The Senate today passed a bill that proponents say ensures that each
congressional district would have equal access to transportation
dollars for maintenance and construction of local roads. The Senate Bill 425 exempts interstate construction from the current funding formula. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman talks with Bob Voyles
of Heinz Construction, a member of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of
Commerce Transportation Policy Committee, about the business
community's opinion of the new funding formula.

Transportation is a hot topic at the Capitol. Georgians for Better Transportation
hosted an event that brought renowned traffic consultant Wendell Cox to
Atlanta to talk about relieving traffic congestion. Lawmakers Michael McCollum reports.

The use preemption emitters would be reserved exclusively for emergency vehicles under a new law authored by Representative Billy Mitchell.
Police and emergency services have used the devices to interrupt
traffic signals for years, but the emitters have recently become
available to the public. Lawmakers Chrissy Thrasher has more about this pending legislation, House Bill 1113.

Should HOV lanes become HOT lanes? Senator Casey Cagle
thinks so. Under a Senate resolution proposed by Cagle the State DOT
would study the feasibility of charging a toll to lone drivers who are
willing to pay to use the HOV lanes. Senate Resolution 575 would not affect the current carpoolers who use the HOV lanes for free.

Your auto insurance card is no longer valid proof of your insurance.
Want to make sure your insurance information is reported correctly to
the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety? Then you don't want to miss
this report from Lawmakers' Kristy Moran.

Representative Chuck Sims gives Lawmakers a preview of his legislation that would make it possible for the State of Georgia to issue drivers licenses to undocumented workers.

Unofficial debate in the battle over tort reform continued in the Senate today. Senators Seth Harp and Tom Price
exchanged sharp words over pending tort reform legislation. Senator
Harp said that capping non-economic damages in medical malpractice
cases would have little effect on medical malpractice insurance

A war of words also erupted in the House today. Representative Bob
Holmes voiced his opposition once again to President George Bush's
spending in relation to the war in Iraq. Representatives Earl Ehrhart,
Barbara Bunn and Buddy DeLoach all fired back.