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January 27, 2004

Governor Sonny Perdue's education advisor reveals more details about the Governor's plans for K-12 education in Georgia. Nwandi Lawson takes a closer look.

Part of Governor Perdue's education initiative focuses on Pre-K
programs in Georgia. The legislation will rename and revamp the Office
of School Readiness as "Bright from the Start". Lawmakers Chrissy Thrasher talks with Marsha Moore, the new director of Bright from the Start, about what the proposed changes will mean.

Governor Perdue spoke with his hometown leaders at the annual Houston County Chamber Legislative luncheon. Lawmakers David Zelski has more.

Gerald Bryant talks with Senator Robert Brown about the
increasing number of proposed State constitutional amendments appearing
in this session of the General Assembly. The Senate Minority Whip
says it's just proof that this is an election year with Republicans
trying to force "scorecard votes" on controversial social issues.

Governor Perdue today unveiled the new uniform of the Georgia Force.
The Force is an arena football team based in Gwinnett County. UGA
Athletics director Vince Dooley is the new chairman of the Georgia
Force advisory board and was there to help unveil the new uniform.

This session's battle over tort reform is delayed by a
tactical maneuver in the Senate. Senators opposed to putting two tort
reform bills in the Senate Judiciary Committee say that the fight is
far from over.

The House passes a bill intended to give parents paid leave to volunteer at their children's school.
However, House Bill 1058 was amended to make it permissive rather than
mandatory- that means employers may grant parental leave but are not
required to do so. The bill was originally suggested by a group of 5th
Grade students from Randolph Elementary School.

The Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, or
GALEO, wants to give Georgia Latinos a louder voice in the legislative
process. The group announced their agenda this morning.

The green tree frog is one hop closer to becoming the official amphibian
of the State of Georgia. The House today jumped at the chance to pass
House Bill 365. This legislation was also suggested by elementary
school students.