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January 26, 2004

Senator Vincent Fort speaks out against
exemptions to the special local option sales tax, or SPLOST, proposed
by Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson to help the City of Atlanta
pay it's $3.2 billion sewer project. The city is under a federal court order to comply with EPA mandates. Lawmakers Chrissy Thrasher explains.

Senate fires first volley in making hunting and fishing a constitutional right in Georgia. Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson proposed the resolution to preserve the tradition of hunting and fishing in the State. Senate Resolution 563 passed by committee substitute- the vote was 51 to 3.

Representative Earl Ehrhart today introduced legislation that would
prohibit the City of Atlanta from sanctioning the North Druid Hills
Golf Club. The Club policy states that partners of gay and lesbian
members are not entitled to the same benefits as married couples. The
City holds that such a policy is discriminatory, but has not yet taken
action on the issue. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has more.

Senator Bill Stephens says the Georgia Defense of Marriage Act,
a proposed State constitutional amendment that would recognize marriage
to be between only a man and a woman, is not aimed at club membership.
Stephens made that statement today when asked if the pending
Republican-sponsored measure would have any affect on the North Druid
Hills Club situation.

The battle over what form tort reform will take this session
began in the Senate today. Three tort reform measures were reassigned
to different committees at the request of Judiciary chair Senator Charlie Tanksley. There may be two votes to reconsider the Senate action first thing tomorrow morning.

Senator Tom Price is among legislators backing a new low-interest loan plan for teachers and nurses. Senator Price is introducing a Senate Resolution urging Governor Perdue to designate a not-for-profit organization called "Ed Georgia"
to provide educational loans for aspiring nurses and experienced
teachers. Ed Georgia would issue bonds to fund the loans. Senator Price
said there would be zero cost to taxpayers in the State of Georgia.

Nwandi Lawson talks with Representative Bob Holmes, Chair of the House Education Committee.