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January 14, 2004

Governor Sonny Perdue delivers his second State of the State address tonight at 8pm. We'll have a preview of what the Governor is expected to emphasize during his speech.

University System of Georgia Chancellor Thomas Meredith joins
Lawmakers to talk about proposed changes to the HOPE scholarship, the
budget for the Board of Regents and the quality of Georgia's University

House Democrats announce their agenda for the 2004 legislative session. David Zelski reports about the PEACH plan, an acronym for Prosperity, Ethics, Academic Opportunity, Children and Healthcare.

Nwandi Lawson talks to House Minority Leader Glenn Richardson
about House Republicans' priorities for the 2004 session and Gerald
Bryant talks to Senate Minority Leader Michael Meyer von Bremen about
the main concerns for Senate Democrats.

As Georgia's prison population continues to grow, but state revenues
continue to shrink, the Department of Corrections faces tough choices.
Lawmakers Chrissy Thrasher has more about Assistant Corrections Commissioner Brian Owens' visit to the House State Institutions and Property Committee.

A Senate Resolution that seeks to amend Georgia's Constitution was discussed in the Senate Natural Resources Committee today. Senate Resolution 563's supporters say that the legislation is necessary to solidify and secure hunter's rights in Georgia. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has that story.