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April 14, 2003

Only three legislative days remain and still no compromise on the Fiscal Year 2004 budget.
House leadership says the budget shortfall for FY 2004 will be $756
million, and some conferees are expressing concerns about budget items
that have recently come to light. Susan Hoffman has more.

After addressing Atlanta's Rotary Club this afternoon, Governor Sonny Perdue spoke to Correspondent Hamilton Northcutt today about the pending budget decisions and the controversial flag bill.

It's official, the 2003 session of the Georgia General Assembly will last another week.
House and Senate members agreed today to a schedule that has both
bodies in recess until Thursday, April 17, which will be the 38th
Legislative Day. At the conclusion of the session on Thursday, the
Assembly will again be in recess until Tuesday, April 22, the 39th
Legislative Day and finally, Sine Die will come when legislative Day 40
comes to an end on Thursday, April 24.

One possible solution to the shortfall situation would be Governor Sonny Perdue's proposed tobacco excise tax increase.
Advocates on both sides of the issue were at the Capitol today to
express their point of view. Lawmakers David Zelski reports.

Less revenue, more needs. The budget crunch will adversely affect
many groups as legislators look at more cuts. One affected group are
those Georgians who receive services from the Community Care Services Program, or CCSP. Lawmakers Nwandi Lawson has more about this program and the cuts it faces in the FY 2004 budget.

Plus, highlights of today's House and Senate action.