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April 11, 2003

Yesterday, House Speaker Terry Coleman called for a Budget Summit meeting with the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and leadership from both the House and Senate. Today, Governor Sonny Perdue met with the leadership of both houses. Susan Hoffman has more.

The Senate passes their version of the Fiscal Year 2004 Budget. We'll have the highlights of that debate, and details on some of the changes. Plus, Gerald Bryant talks with Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Steve Thompson about some of the Senate cuts, including a 60% reduction in the funding for the Lieutenant Governor's office.

Georgia's State flag continues to be a divisive issue. Yesterday,
Senator Mary Hodges Squires called Governor Sonny Perdue a racist from
the well of the Senate. Today, legislators reacted to the emotional
speech, some condemning Hodges' actions, some defending her. Lawmakers
Nwandi Lawson reports.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Constance Russell finds for the defendant in the case of Perdue v. Baker.
Governor Sonny Perdue brought the case against Attorney General
Thurbert Baker when Baker refused to obey his request that the State
drop their Supreme Court appeal regarding 2001 redistricting. The Governor intends to appeal the Judge's decision.

The Senate Judiciary Committee today approved a bill that would
decrease the amount of marijuana necessary to charge a suspect with
drug trafficking. Correspondent David Zelski reports.

House Republicans attempt to maneuver the "Woman's Right to Know Act"
to the House floor without going through the committee process. The
attempt to circumvent House Rules failed, but supporters of the
legislation vow to try again. The legislation, Senate Bill 23, would
require a 24 hour waiting period before a woman could receive an
abortion and require extensive counseling about dangers associated with
the procedure as well as the approximate age and development of the

And, Governor Sonny Perdue shares his thoughts about character, ethics and leadership during a speech at Kennesaw State University. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman has more.