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April 10, 2003

It was an emotional day at the Capitol this morning as Senator Mary Hodges Squires spoke in the Senate about the divisiveness of the issue of Georgia's State flag. Senator Squires called Governor Sonny Perdue a racist
and left the chamber to confront the Governor. After a brief meeting
with Squires, Governor Perdue stated that he believed the Senator
didn't understand his position on the issue. Lawmakers Nwandi Lawson
has more.

House Speaker Terry Coleman calls for a Budget Crisis Summit
meeting with the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and leadership from both
the House and Senate. The idea has been well received. Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor talks with Susan Hoffman about the Senate version of the FY 2004 budget and his thoughts on the Summit.

Gerald Bryant talks with Senate Appropriations Chair Jack Hill
about the FY 2004 Budget and the Senate proposals that balance the
budget by cutting $487 million in spending. Senator Hill also responds
to Speaker Coleman's call for a Budget Summit.

A bill that would target companies who did not join in the 1997
tobacco settlement passed the Senate Economic Development and Tourism
Committee today. House Bill 893 would prohibit companies that do not make tobacco settlement payments from selling cigarettes in Georgia. Correspondent Hamilton Northcutt reports.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to discuss House Bill 770, the House's version of legislation to revise Georgia's Indigent Defense system. Lawmakers David Zelski has the details of that Committee action.

Governor Sonny Perdue swears in a new State School Board Member.
William Bradley Bryant will represent Georgia's 4th Congressional
District on the State Board.