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March 28, 2003

An exclusive interview with Governor Sonny Perdue.
The Governor spoke with Gerald Bryant and Susan Hoffman today about the
budget, ethics legislation, education initiatives and the flag

The Senate passes three pieces of the Governor's education legislation.
Though originally introduced in the house, the bills were not being
addressed in the democratically controlled House Education Committee.
The Republican majority in the Senate easily passed Senate Bills 248, 249 and 216 despite numerous attempts by democrats to amend the bills. We'll have the highlights of that debate and more Senate action.

One day after University of Georgia basketball coach Jim Harrick
resigned amid allegations of NCAA recruitment violations. The House
passes a bill to penalize athletic boosters who break collegiate
athletic rules regarding gifts to athletes. House Bill 95,
which provides a misdemeanor charge for violators, passed by a vote of
144 to 7. Correspondent Nwandi Lawson has that story and more of
today's House action.

The House agreed today that students at Georgia's colleges and universities should be warned about the dangers of meningitis and how to prevent the disease, but will not require vaccinations. House Bill 521 passed 154 to 1.

The amount of marijuana necessary for drug trafficking charge may soon be reduced. The House voted for Representative Victor Hill's House Bill 196, despite Representative Tom Bordeaux's objections that the sentencing guidelines are too strict. That legislation passed 139 to 13.

An historic event occurred today. For the first time, a Latino legislator presented a bill to the House. Representative Pedro Marin gave the details of his plan to have state inmates clean up graffiti. House Bill 144 passed by a vote of 157 to 7.

Georgians for Choice rallied at the Capitol today to urge House
members to vote against the "Woman's Right to Know" bill. Senate Bill
23 would require mandatory counseling and a 24-hour waiting period
before a woman receives an abortion. Lawmakers David Zelski has more on
that story.

Today was National Guard day at the Capitol. Governor Sonny
Perdue, legislators and several U.S. Congressmen took the opportunity
to recognize Georgia's servicemen and women in the National Guard,
Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Lawmakers' Amanda Fitzpatrick has