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March 6, 2003

The Senate votes to agree to the House changes to Senate Bill 53
over the stringent objections of Senate Democrats and Senator Don
Cheeks, the Republican Committee Chair. The debate raged on over
revisions to the Georgia Fair Lending Act for nearly three
hours. The legislation became contentious after a House Banks and
Banking Committee Substitute significantly changed Senate Bill 53, the
new substitute bill was passed by the House on Tuesday and came back to
the Senate floor today. We'll have the highlights of that debate plus
reaction from House members, consumer advocates and representatives of
the mortgage industry.

Gerald Bryant talks with Senators Jack Hill and George Hooks
about the FY 2002-2003 Amended Budget. Senator Hill, a Republican, is
the Appropriations Committee Chairman and Senator Hooks is the
Democratic Caucus CEO. The Senate passed their substitute to House Bill
121 yesterday.

Today was Atlanta Motor Speedway Day at the Capitol. NASCAR legend
Brett Bodine, along with several stock cars, came to downtown Atlanta
to celebrate NASCAR racing in Georgia. Lawmakers' Jesse Freeman was