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March 3, 2003

Governor Sonny Perdue feels his education legislation isn't getting the respect it should. Representative Bob Holmes, Chair of the House Education Committee, fires back. Correspondent Nwandi Lawson has that story.

Revisions to the Georgia Fair Lending Act continue to create
controversy. Senate Bill 53 is slated to come to the House floor
tomorrow, but Representatives are already debating the bills merits and
shortcomings. Several House members took points of personal privilege
to share their thoughts on the bill. SB 53 was on the House Rules
calendar for today, but the debate and vote on the bill was postponed
until tomorrow.

It's Day 23 of the Georgia General Assembly. Gerald Bryant talks with Senate President Pro-Tem Eric Johnson about the session thus far and what we can expect out of the last 17 legislative days.

And Susan Hoffman gets another perspective on the session from Capitol's Tom Crawford.

Georgia's first Cancer Center of Excellence is opening at Grady Memorial Hospital. Governor Perdue and other dignitaries were given a VIP tour this afternoon. Correspondent Hamilton Northcutt has more.

Buying off college athletes is already against NCAA rules, but it may soon be against Georgia law. Representative Chuck Sims introduced House Bill 95
at the beginning of this session. The legislation would make it a
felony offense to give anything of value to an athlete to influence or
entice an athlete to attend a certain college. Susan Hoffman talks with
Representative Sims about the bill and the current situation with Tony Cole and UGA basketball coach Jim Herrick.

Efforts have been made for years to incorporate Sandy Springs.
Currently, this populous enclave of North Fulton County pays taxes to
the City of Atlanta. Now, many residents say, they're ready to become a
municipality of their own. Lawmakers David Zelski reports.

The Georgia Abortion Rights Action League, or GARAL,
encouraged Senators today to repudiate the statement of Senator Don
Thomas that a woman is less likely to become pregnant if she has been
raped. Senator Thomas, who is also a family physician, made the
statement during debate over SB 23, the Woman's Right to Know Act.
Lawmakers' Elizabeth Cowart has more.

The Senate Ethics Committee today heard two pieces of important legislation. Senate Bill 108, part of the Governor's ethics package, and Senate Bill 82, a bill that would legislate what candidates could do with excess campaign funds. Cheznee Egemonye reports.

It's Read Across America Day! Governor Sonny Perdue joined
second graders at Cascade Elementary School in Atlanta to celebrate
this national literacy event. Lawmakers Nwandi Lawson has more.