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February 26, 2003

House Democrats announce this afternoon that they have found a way to restore funds to nursing homes
that would have been cut under Governor Sonny Perdue's budget
recommendation. They say it can be accomplished without raising taxes-
the proposal calls for federal reimbursements.

Earlier this week, Senate Republicans presented a budget plan
that could be accomplished without excise taxes, and laid out some
significant cuts to the amended '03 budget. Today, Governor Perdue
responds to the plan, saying that the cuts aren't threats, they are the reality we would have to face if the excise taxes are not passed.
He added that if you think the '03 cuts are bad, that without the
increased taxes on alcohol and tobacco, the 2004 budget cuts will be

Governor Perdue also responded to concerns about his proposed flag referendum. We'll have the details. Also on the flag front, the Georgia Heritage Coalition released a statement about the referendum vote. David Zelski has that part of our story. And, Gerald Bryant talks with Representative Alisha Thomas about her recent meeting with the Sons of Confederate veterans and her views on the flag referendum proposals.

The struggle over predatory lending continued today as some
Democratic members of the House Banks and Banking Committee sided with
Republicans to pass a substitute to House Bill 142, a revision
of the Georgia Fair Lending Act. The committee substitute removes the
consumer protection provisions, which has some groups upset.

Governor Perdue, Arthur Blank and motivational speaker Dr. Stephen Covey
talk about leadership during a panel discussion today. Covey is the
author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". Hamilton
Northcutt has that story.

Susan Hoffman talks with State School Superintendent Kathy Cox about Governor Perdue's education plan, which he calls STARS.

We'll have all that and all the latest from under the gold dome.