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February 11, 2003

House Republicans and Senate Democrats hold separate news conferences to announce their proposals aimed at finding savings in a tight budget year. Nwandi Lawson has more on today's suggestions.

The Women's Policy Group is concerned about Senate Bill 50 and it's impact on health care coverage for Georgians.
Today the group held a news conference voice their concerns about this
legislation. Republican Senator Mitch Seabaugh, sponsor of SB 50 says
the bill would actually help more Georgians afford health insurance.
Hamilton Northcutt reports on what both sides have to say about the

Today Governor Sonny Perdue headed to the Heavenly Cheesecake
Factory in Tucker to meet with small business owners. He joined United
States Secretary of Commerce Don Evans to talk about President Bush's stimulus package for small businesses.

Tort Reform. Over 20 senators are cosponsoring the bipartisan
Common Sense Civil Justice Reform Act of 2003, claiming that medical
malpractice insurance premiums are damaging Georgia's health care
system. Today Senate leaders held a press conference to introduce the
bill that would, among other things, cap pain and suffering awards and
limit punitive damages for product liability.

Pickup truck drivers and passengers are not currently required to wear seat belts. House Bill 296 would not only require all front seat drivers to buckle up, but also those in the back seat. David Zelski has the story.

Yesterday Governor Perdue kicked off his statewide fitness challenge.
Over the next six weeks the Governor is challenging Georgians to eat
healthy and exercise. Cheznee Egemonye was there and has the details.

Today the Senate Special Judiciary Committee gave a do-pass recommendation for Senate Bill 77.
The bill closes a loophole in last year's child prostitution
legislation, making it a felony to operate a house of prostitution for
prostitutes under the age of 18.

Cell Phones in Schools. Today the Senate Education Committee
met to discuss Senate Bill 29, a bill that would allow local school
boards to set their own policies concerning cell phones, pagers, and
other electronic devices in schools. We'll have the details from that

Miss the all the N.B.A. action in Atlanta this weekend? Don't worry. Lawmakers brings you exclusive coverage of the 2nd Annual House-Senate All-Star Game.