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February 3, 2003

In the midst of layoffs and a slowing
economy, Governor Sonny Perdue had some good news for Georgians in the
automotive industry. General Motors will invest $150 million to
retool it's Doraville, Georgia plant, providing better job security for
GM's 3600 employees there. Correspondent Hamilton Northcutt has more.

The House Banks and Banking Committee passed House Bill 142 today. That legislation would revise the Georgia Fair Lending Act in an effort to reach an agreement with securities rating firms. Nwandi Lawson reports.

The first piece of abortion-related legislation this session to
have a public hearing was discussed before the Senate Health and Human
Services Committee today. Senate Bill 23, the "Woman's Right to Know Act" ,
would require a 24 hour waiting period and counseling before a woman
terminates a pregnancy. We'll have more on that legislation.

The Public Service Commission would have to repay Georgia natural gas consumers
from the Universal Services Fund- if legislation introduced by
Representative Mark Burkhalter today becomes law. Lawmakers David
Zelski explains.

Gerald Bryant talks one on one with Senate Minority Leader Michael Meyer von Bremen about a bipartisan indigent defense bill, child endangerment legislation and the possibility of tort reform.

Drivers Licenses for immigrants. Representatives David Casas and
Pedro Marin are the first Hispanic members of Georgia's House of
Representatives, but they don't always agree. Representative Casas
today held a press conference announcing his legislation that would
provide drivers licenses for legal immigrants without requiring
a social security number. Representative Marin has proposed legislation
that would allow all immigrants- legal and illegal- to be licensed in
Georgia. Lawmakers Elizabeth Cowart has more.

The Georgia State Senate has passed its first bill of the session. Senate Bill 7 regulates the air ambulance industry.

When Governor Perdue said he wanted to trim the fat in state
government, he wasn't just talking about the budget. The Governor is
challenging state employees to join him in a weight loss program to
help kick off "The Governor's Capitol Challenge: Fitness on Our Minds."