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January 31, 2003

Redistricting. Today Governor Sonny
Perdue's floor leaders in the Senate held a press conference to
introduce legislation that would provide guidelines for
reapportionment. However, some Democratic leaders feel that there are
more pressing issues this session. David Zelski reports on Georgia's
continuing reapportionment debate.

Gerald Bryant has an exclusive interview with Georgia Department of Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond.
Among the things they'll talk about: Commissioner Thurmond's plan to
allow businesses to use part of a person's unemployment benefits to
cover their salary.

House Majority Leader Jimmy Skipper talks with Susan Hoffman
about next week's recess, the possibility of a special session, and
just how far pay cuts may go for state officials.

Representative Jeff Brown is proposing changes to Georgia's
Medicaid system. He claims these changes have a potential savings of
$500 million for the State. Gerald Bryant talks with Representative
Brown about Medicaid in Georgia.

State of the Judiciary. Today Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Norman Fletcher
spoke before a joint session of the legislature about Georgia's
judicial system. He urged lawmakers to help reform the State's indigent
defense system. Nwandi Lawson was there and has the highlights.

Governor Perdue delivered the oath of office to Glenn Cornell,
the newly appointed Commissioner of the Department of Industry, Trade
and Tourism this afternoon. Afterwards the Governor and Commissioner
Cornell made themselves available for questions. Find out what both men
had to say.