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January 29, 2003

Georgia's first Inspector General, James E. Sehorn,
introduced himself to the Senate Ethics Committee today. He told those
in attendance that he already has two investigations underway.
Lawmakers Hamilton Northcutt has more.

Senate Republicans and House Democrats are both proposing pay cuts to legislators' salaries.
Republicans are proposing a 10% pay cut for members of the General
Assembly in a bill introduced today. Democrats will propose a 5% cut.
Gerald Bryant talks to Senator Jeff Mullis about the Republican legislation and gets reaction from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Mortgage brokers take their case against the Georgia Fair Lending Act
to court. Senator Vincent Fort responds to the attempts to seek a
temporary- and permanent- injunction against the 2002 legislation.
Lawmakers Nwandi Lawson reports.

More water for Atlanta from Lake Lanier? Alabama says not so
fast. Georgia's neighbor to the west may pursue legal means of blocking
a recent court decision giving Atlanta more water. Governor Sonny
Perdue and Governor Bob Riley have a lot to discuss about shared water
resources and the Tri-State Water Compact.

Governor Perdue, Constitutional Officers, and state legislators spoke with representatives from Houston County at a legislative luncheon today. Lawmakers David Zelski reports on priorities for middle Georgia.

Senator Regina Thomas talks with Gerald Bryant about her legislation that would re-regulate the natural gas industry in Georgia.

An exclusive interview with the new Education Committee Chair in the House. Susan Hoffman talks one-on-one with Representative Bob Holmes about issues facing Georgia's schools in a tight budget year.

Foreign Language programs for Elementary schools are on the
chopping block in proposed budget cuts. Lawmakers Jesse Freeman visits
a program at Mimosa Elementary School in Roswell, Georgia to see a
program at work and talk to educators about what they think.

And, the American Bikers Aimed Toward Education roared up to the Capitol today. The motorcyclists' group, also known as ABATE, were visited by the Governor and legislators during their visit. Lawmakers' Elizabeth Cowart has more.