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January 22, 2003

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade,
the landmark Supreme Court case that made abortion legal. Advocates on
both sides of the issue came to the Capitol to make their voices heard.

Lawmakers David Zelski brings us the perspective of the Pro-Life movement from their "Together for Life 2003"
events. Hundreds of people gathered for the Georgia Right to Life
program and then held a silent walk. We'll also have comments from Representative Calvin Smyre and Senator Don Balfour,
the House and Senate Rules Chairmen, respectively, about the chances
for this year's crop of legislation which could restrict access to

Pro-Choice advocates also gathered at the Capitol to mark the
Anniversary. Representatives of Georgians for Choice, Georgia NARAL,
Planned Parenthood of Georgia, and the ACLU of Georgia, among others,
held a "Trust Georgia's Women: Increase Access to Abortion" press conference. Lawmakers' Jesse Freeman brings us this perspective.

Lawmakers' Elizabeth Cowart brings us a preview of some of the
legislation that may affect Georgia's women and children. Bills
pertaining to abortion such as the "Woman's Right to Know" Act and the so-called "Death Warrant" bill will be included, as well as Representative Ben Bridges' "Baby's Right to Know" Act.

Last week when Governor Sonny Perdue delivered his State of
the Budget address, he asked legislators to bring ideas to the table to
cut spending so tax increases could be avoided. House Republican
leadership has turned to a Bush economic advisor and a well-known
author for help in achieving that goal. Susan Hoffman talks with Minority Whip Jerry Keen about those conversations.

Governor Perdue, meanwhile, is recruiting some expert
economic help of his own. Just this morning the Governor invited the
CEOs of some of Georgia's most successful companies to the mansion for
a discussion of the budget and the state of the economy. We'll have
some details.

As Budget Hearings continue under the gold dome, Gerald Bryant interviews Representative Tom Buck, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee about efforts to find cuts in the budget to prevent those proposed tax increases.

And we'll have the highlights of testimony by department heads before the Joint Appropriations Hearings.