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January 21, 2003

Budget hearings began today as the Joint
Appropriations Committee heard testimony from State Department Agency
Heads. We'll have highlights from Governor Sonny Perdue, the Governor's Economic Advisor Hank Thomassen, Tom Wade, Executive Director of the Georgia Technology Authority, Cancer Coalition head Russ Toal, Transportation Commissioner Tom Coleman, State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine and Secretary of State Cathy Cox.

The State's Water Woes heat up again as a United States District Court
issues a ruling that would grant more drinking water to metro Atlanta,
but could increase tensions between Florida and Georgia. Florida may
pull out of Tri-State Water Compact negotiations if they feel
the ruling would allow Atlanta to keep too much water and short those
downstream. Lawmakers David Zelski reports on this and other water

Education funding was at the top of the agenda for the Cobb
Education Consortium's Annual Legislative Relations event. Lawmakers'
Nwandi Lawson was there as educators met with State School
Superintendent Kathy Cox, Congressmen Johnny Isakson and Phil Gingrey,
and State Representatives Pat Dooley and Don Wix

Should people be able to use handheld cell phones while driving?
That's the subject of this special report by Lawmakers' Amanda
Fitzpatrick. Representative Bobby Parham, Chair of the House Motor Vehicles Committee and Representative Calvin Smyre weigh in with their opinions of the legislation.