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Jay Jay the Jet Plane

Somewhere between imagination and learning is a wonderful land where new discoveries and charming lessons of life are learned every day. Jay Jay is a perky little airplane who buzzes around the magical world of Tarrytown with his friends, captivating youngsters aged two-seven in this entertaining children's series. Tarrytown is a picturesque valley where brilliant blue skies, lush green meadows and snow-capped mountains join to form a very special place for children and their parents. A playful, lovable six-year-old, Jay Jay is inquisitive by nature, which propels him into exciting adventures with his best friend, Tracy, and their pals — Big Jake, who's always there to help Jay Jay find his way; Savannah, the famous supersonic jet who got her start in Tarrytown; Old Oscar, the clever bi-plane; Revvin' Evan, the feisty firetruck; and many other hangar pals.