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Jack Benny: Comedy in Bloom

Jack Benny: Comedy in Bloom (2nd release) tells the chronological story of one of the most beloved American entertainers of the 20th century. The
program offers an intimate glimpse at Jack's unique humor and humble character through poignant interviews with those who knew him best: Bob Hope, Dinah
Shore, Johnny Carson, Ann Margret, Joan Benny (his daughter), Carol Burnett, Mel Blanc, his writers, his producers and his best friend, George Burns. Delightful
clips from his hit television program, The Jack Benny Show, where Benny played a fictional version of himself, reveal his brilliant comedic timing and wit.
The program also features funny clips from some of the films he appeared in as well as guest appearances he made on other TV shows with Dick Cavett,
Steve Allen, Merv Griffin, David Frost, Giselle McKenzie and Hy Gardner. Jack Benny died in Beverly Hills, Calif. in 1974.