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The InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech 2012 - Re-Hand


by Elizabeth LeMar, Kunal MacDonald, Daphne Vincent, and Alkindi Kibria


  • <em>Alkindi Dibria (far left), Kunal MacDonald (middle left), Daphne Vincent (middle right), and Elizabeth LeMar (far right).</em><br />
  • <em>Daphne Vincent and Elizabeth LeMar hands on <strong>Re-Hand</strong>.</em><br />
  • <em>Daphne Vincent and Elizabeth LeMar.</em><br />
  • <em>Daphne Vincent and Elizabeth LeMar give <strong>Re-Hand</strong> two thumbs up.</em><br />

Alkindi Dibria, Kunal MacDonald, Daphne Vincent, and Elizabeth LeMar invented Re-Hand, which is a software assisted home-use hand assessment and rehabilitation device. Elizabeth is from Roswell, Georgia, and he studied Biomedical Engineering. Kunal is from Macon, Georgia, and he studied Biomedical Engineering as well. Daphne is from McDonough, Georgia, and is studying Biomedical Engineering. Alkindi is from Rockville, Maryland, and is also studying Biomedical Engineering.

Elizabeth says, "Winning The InVenture Prize will help put Rehand in the "hands" of millions to help relearn, regain, and rehabilitate."

Watch the InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech live on Tuesday, March 13th at 7pm on Georgia Public Broadcasting to see if Re-Hand will win!