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The InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech 2012 - Entrepic Wake

Entrepic Wake

by Spencer Price and Graeme Wicks


  • <em>Graeme Wicks</em><br />
  • <em>Spencer Price</em><br />
  • <em>Entrepic Wake Test Weekend</em><br />

Spencer Price and Graeme Wicks invented Entrepic Wake, which is a rigid, portable, and customizable obstacle/rail system for extreme water sports. Spencer is from Salisbury, North Carolina, and he is studying Industrial Design. Graeme is from Louisville, Kentucky, and he is studying Polymer, Fiber, and Textile Engineering.

Spencer says, "Winning The InVenture Prize would mean validation of our idea, as well as putting us to the point of being investor ready."

Watch the InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech live on Tuesday, March 13th at 7pm on Georgia Public Broadcasting to see if Entrepic Wake will win!